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Cancel your subscription online.

If you know the email you signed up with and your ZIP/Postal Code you can cancel online. Please click the ‘Cancel Online’ button below.

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How do I request a refund?

If you are convinced that you did not purchase a membership on any of our sites and that your credit card was used fraudulently please let us know. We will refund the amount in all cases of fraud.

We understand that sometimes our members’ life circumstances change. If you haven’t had time to use the service, let us know. In any case that it is clear you have not used the service, we will issue an immediate refund.

If you know the email you signed up with and your ZIP/Postal Code you can request a refund online. Please click the ‘Request Refund’ button below.

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F.A.Q. Before You Contact Us Please Read

I have forgotten my pass can you resend it.
A: Passwords are stored in an encrypted format. When a member account is first created, we briefly have access to a plain text password which is included in your welcome email. After that point, we no longer have access to a plain text versions of your password. So you therefore have to reset your pass.

How do I reset my pass
A: Please enter your email addess in the field below to reset you pass.

Q: I paid, now how do I get access?
A: You should have received an email reciept for your order/orders and your Phalogenics Welcome email. The Phalogenics email has a direct link to the members area, plus your user name and password. Please check your spam folder, especially if you are on a free email service like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail. Search your Spam or Junk folders for Phalogenics. If you use an AOL email, please whitelist phalogenics.com.

Q: I paid, when do you ship the videos?
A: Phalogenics is a digital product only. The videos are only available to you, our exclusive members, inside the members area.

Q: The videos are choppy and slow.
A: Check your connection speed, by running a speed test. It could be a internet provider issue or your machine is running slow. Try shutting down your system and trying again.

Q: The video plays but I can only hear the audio, I do not see the video.
A: Please email us what computer/laptop/tablet device you are using. What browser you are using (IE, Safari, Chrome, Fire Fox etc), the more info the better, so we can pin point the issue.

Customer Support
Standard customer support hours are 9 – 6ET Mon-Fri.

Telephone Support
Please be aware, that the best way of contacting us is through our support form below. That way we can access all the relevant information, and deal with your query in the fastest, most efficient manner.

Email Support
If you have a question, or wish to contact us on a matter not regarding a purchase.
Please contact us by email at: support@phalogenics.com

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